Career as Online Tutor and Assignment Helper

If you believe that you are an expert in your field of expertise with the proof of your qualification either Masters of PhD then team will be happy for you to be part of our growing team. We are not looking for candidates who cannot demonstrate their academics through practical applications. All our assignments written by new experts go through pool of editors who either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ your assignments.


You are an expert so we do not ask you to ‘Take the Test’ but we definitely give you a chance by allocating small assignment and based on that we take a mutual decision about your contract with us. We are a growing online tutoring company and certainly looking out for extraordinary candidates that match our skills and expectations.


Most students demand for ‘A’ grade work and therefore we want our experts to match their expectations and not let them down by giving them below grade work, this not only is a risk to the credibility of our company but it is also risk to your credibility, hence we require you to be 100% confident whenever you are allocated assignments from our side.


Salary Expectations


We offer equally great competitive rates to our experts and we allocate price rates to all the assignments when we send them to the experts. When you are hired by our company, the management will talk to you about those rates and you are paid according to the evaluation by our moderators and as per your educational expertise.


Requirements from Experts


Experts are required to send us the resume along with proof of your qualification certificates, work experience certificates and assignment samples or any written assignment (if any) to 


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